Black Widow solo movie finally found its screenwriter


Black Widow solo movie finally found its screenwriter Black Widow solo movie finally found its screenwriter -  Marvel began to intensively introduce their superhero characters. After giving a touch on Spider-Man to Black Panther, now it's solo film project of Black Widow is being done. From variety reports, Black Widow has found the screenwriter.

Through the statement of a source, variety quoted the film project is still in very early development. In fact there is no clarity when the Black Widow solo film will be produced.

But to determining a screenwriter is the easiest way for Marvel to set up a strategy to move forward.

The writer is Jac Schaeffer who has taken part writing comedy scenario remake of the movie "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", that starring by Anne Hathaway.

Previously, Marvel reportedly has selected a number of candidates before finally dropping the option on Schaeffer.

Marvel also involves Scarlett Johansson to discuss what the actress wants from Schaeffer in developing the Black Widow story.

Together with Marvel, Johansson has been involved in six films. Since its appearance in "Iron Man 2", many fans have been waiting for Johansson to appear as Black Widow in a solo story.

Perhaps this is a good time for Marvel to develop that character especially after the peak of the Avengers action in the "Infinity War" series.




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