Sad, after being slaughtered this boy still not get justice law


Sad, after being slaughtered this boy still not get justice law Sad, after being slaughtered this boy still not get justice law - In 2013, a massacre occurred in Rokan Hilir. At that time, Rajiman and his family had been victims of a vile massacre around his palm plantation in the village of Pasir Limau Kapas Panipahan village, Rokan Hilir.

The perpetrators are known 3 people and allegedly are members of the Regional House of Representatives in North Sumatra.

It's been 5 years running until now, but Rajiman family is still looking for justice for what happened to his family, because due to the massacre case, a son of Rajiman named Arazakhul (11) suffered a permanent defect in his throat.

Various efforts have been made this family ranging from making a report to the local police station, Police Ressort (Polres) Rokan Hilir, Police Regional (Polda) Riau, Police Headquarters even to want to meet with the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

It was delivered by Suroto as Rajiman's attorney mentioned to, on Thursday, January 10, 2018 afternoon, this case has involved with many parties up to the president Jokowi, but none of them find a bright spot.

"It has been 5 years since the case, but it has not shown a positive response from law enforcement agencies in Indonesia and even President Jokowi is hard to meet, even though there has been a 14-day waiting effort in Jakarta," said Suroto, affirmed by Mariyatun on Monday afternoon.

Suroto also revealed the family's disappointment to the Riau Police Chief Inspector General Police Nandang, because he did not meet Rajiman's family when he visited to Polda Riau some time ago.

"We hope we can meet with the Chief of Police, and today we canceled the activity to meet the Chief of Police," he said.


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