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The portraits of Lesbianism in the past, make many people in the world surprised


The portraits of Lesbianism in the past, make many people in the world surprised The portraits of Lesbianism in the past, make many people in the world surprised -  Case of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) are becoming more frequent. In fact, some countries in the world have endorsed same-sex marriage.

But do you know that lesbianism has an interesting history in the past. If the case of homosexuality between men is considered as illegal act, hunted and punished by imprisonment, but in fact the case of lesbianism in the past even up to now is always ignored.

Maybe lesbians are considered harmless like being gay men, but many women can camouflage their relationship as close friends, and lived in one house to enjoy their 'friendship'.

That's why photographs, such as the collection of women photos in same-sex relationships from the 19th and 20th centuries, are very important.

Here are some photos of lesbianism in past, that made shock many people in the world.


1. American actress Charlotte Cushman and British writer Matilda Hays, 1858

The couple has close ties for 10 years, and Charlotte Cushman is famous actress in herhome country, and even became an artist who often entertain President Lincoln.



2. Mary Edmonia Lewis, an American sculptor

Mary Edmonia Lewis is a famous sculptor working in Rome, Italy. Around 1874, she was rumored to have become a lesbian.


3. Kitty Ely and Helen Emory

Both these beautiful girls were students of Mount Holyoke, USA in 1889. Both were then known to have an unusual closeness among their friends, but at that time they say if their relationship is like a pair of best friends.


4. A photo of two women known to be Aunt Mary and her friend Ruth is seen hugging. This photo was found in the attic in 1910

The quotes sign at that photos seem to indicate there are something strange for to their relationship.


5. Dorothy Putnam and Lois Mercer in the 1930s

Both women are lesbian couples for more than 50 years. During World War II, Dorothy served in the Women's Ambulance and the California Transportation Corps (W.A.T.C.C.), and then the Air Force, rising to the rank of First Lieutenant.
Dorothy Putnam and Lois Mercer celebrate birthdays.


6. Felice Schragenheim and Lilly Wust are lesbian lovers that living in Berlin

When her status as lesbi was known, Felice was deported to a concentration camp because of her Jewish heritage. She then died among the concentration camps. The story of the relationship between Schragenheim and Wust is depicted in Aimee & Jaguar in 1999, and in a book of the same name by Erica Fischer.


7. Evelyn 'Jackie' Bross and Catherine Barscz at the Racine Avenue Police Station in Chicago, 1943.


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