After raped by four man, a 14-year-old decide to ablaze herself


After raped by four man, a 14-year-old decide to ablaze herself After raped by four man, a 14-year-old decide to ablaze herself - A 14-year-old girl died on Thursday, January 11 2018 after she burned herself, because suffered of depression after get brutal rape by four men. Earlier, from police investigations revealed that the four men had been stalking her for months.

The girl, a grade VIII student, suddenly decided to quit from school with no apparent reason.

A few days after quitting school, she decided to commit suicide.

Her desperate family said she had been raped by four men. Initially, the girl did not want to tell her family why she quit school. After being urged, she finally confesses that she had been raped before.

In the village of Panchgaon Patti, which is nearly 15 km from the town of Meerut, her brother said that the unnamed girl every day walks to school.

Police said the four defendants kidnapped and raped her.

After this, they said, the girl returned to home on January 6, then watered her body with kerosene and burned herself. She was rushed to the hospital with 80% burns and was critically ill for five days but the doctor was finally unable to save her.

Initially the girl's family did not dare to report the case to the police. Because the family previously received threats from four suspects that identified by police as Shobhit, Mohit Kumar, Ankit Singh and Ravi.

"We were too afraid to report this case to the police. Initially, we told our neighbors that she had burned herself in a fire while cooking, then some local organization gave us support, then we decided to make a report to police"

Rajesh Kumar, a police inspector (rural area), said: "One of the perpetrators named Ankit Singh has been arrested, while the pursuit is still under way to arrest three other defendants, them will face life imprisonment".


The suicide occurred a few days after a 16-year-old girl from Bulandshahr was kidnapped on National Highway 91. The girl was later raped, killed and her body dumped on the Greater Noida canal.



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