An Attack Happened on a Church in Sleman, the Suspect’s Name is Suliyono


An Attack Happened on a Church in Sleman, the Suspect’s Name is Suliyono Church in Sleman - There was an attack on a church in Sleman, Yogyakarta (DIY). Police are still steeped in this incident. The suspect’s name is Suliyono.

"Yeah right (attack on the church)," said Kanit Reskrim Polsek Gamping, Sleman, IptuFendi when contacted by AFP on Sunday (11/2/2018).

"Suspect on behalf of Suliyono, Banyuwangi residents," said Chief of Police of Sleman, AKBP M. FirmanLukmanul Hakim on site, Sunday (11/2/2018).Suliyono was shot by police for fighting. Currently, he is in RSA UGM. "The motiveis still unkown, we still investigate," he said.

Suliyono attacked the church with the sword this morning and hacked the priest who was leading the mass. Church members are also victims.

Suliyono also injured the police who wanted to arrest him. Suliyono's sword has been secured.

One of the church worshipers, Michael AdhiNugroho Tri Putranta, recounted that he got word about the attack at 07:47 pm. At that time Adi got a short message from his mother who was in church to carry out mass.

"I got whatsapp that went straight to the Church, I think only to save my mother, 5 minutes of my journey to get there, the mother has come home, Yes, it means mother is safe.I am still here now," said Adi. He told that the church has been fitted with police lines. About 20 police and military personnel are also there.*



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