Bankrupt and expelled from his home, a man has turned a phone box being a home during winter in Birmingham


Stephen Pope Stephen Pope -  A surprising photo shows how harsh reality of day-to-day life for a homeless man, makes netizens who lived in Birmingham feeling sad. How not, he changed a phone box being his room.

With no place for shelter, Stephen Pope put a sleeping bag into the phone box in Birmingham every night at this winter.

The 42-year-old man admitted that he was ‘a little embarrassed’ by his way of life, and adding that he had been living in a kiosk - outside an Aldi supermarket - for four months.

As quoted from Birmingham Live, he said: "It is a difficult to live in the phone box, the weather is very cold at night, but the phone box gives me shelter from the wind and rain and I can keep some of my dry items."

"Every night I squat in the phone box and curl up and wait until morning is come in. It's cold at nights and I often feels like the morning will never come."

Previously, Stephen worked in the construction. However, four years ago he lost his home and his job. He ended up in the street.

He says that he has no insurance and he relies on the goodness from strangers, many of whom given him some food and hot drinks.

Previously, he lived on the streets of downtown in Birmingham, but was expelled because there are many homeless people who use Black Mamba.

He said: 'In past, I live in the city but it was a dangerous place. Many of the homeless man that living in the city must died after addicted to Black Mamba, which is a terrible drug - I have lost many friends after consuming Black Mamba. "

Black Mamba has been linked with two deaths in Birmingham, after they has addiction to Black Mamba, a type of synthetic marijuana, which is widely circulated among the homeless.

"I've never tried it and also do not expect to try it"


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