The German navy has reported that they was run out stock of warships


warships warships - On Monday, February 12, 2018, the German navy has reported that they was "run out" stock of warships, after most warships can not make a patrolling because it's too old.

As quoted from, Head of the Parliamentary Defense Committee of Germany, Hans-Peter Bartels conveyed that the frigates and additional vessels belonging to the navy of the country is already old.

In fact, this problem has occurred during generations because many old ships were removed from military service, but the substitute vessels were not prepared.

Bartels, an influential member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), revealed that six from 15 frigates had been suspended from operations.

"None of the new Type-125 frigates can join with the navy," Bartels said.

The condition of the auxiliary ships is also not more better, where two German Navy vessels named "Bonn" and "Berlin" are sent for repairs until 1.5 years.

For Bartels, this condition is terrible because related with bureaucratic factors in the defense institutions. In addition, military are reluctant to supply the required spare parts on time.

Even the navy, must wait for five months for receive a fuel injection pump or six months to receive the necessary oil distribution of its frigate.

Bartels said the lack of the warship could affect Germany's ability to project its power abroad.

This is not the first time that unfavorable conditions have occurred in the German Navy.

Last year, local media wrote that the Navy served without submarines, after all the "U" vessels were disabled for reparations.

"This is a real disaster for the Navy. This is the first time in history there is no 'U' ship that can operate for months, "continued Bartels later.



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