Communist Party of China proposes Xi Jinping being president until 2023


Xi Jinping Xi Jinping -  The Communist Party of China has proposed to abolish a clause in the constitution which limits presidencies to two five-year terms.

The move allows President of China, Xi Jinping, the current ruling president to remain a leader after he will step down.

There had been widespread speculation that Xi will seek to extend his presidency by 2023.

The party congress last year saw him as the most powerful leader since Mao Zedong died.

His ideology was also enshrined in the party's constitution at the congress, and in a break with the convention, no clear successor was introduced to replace Xi.

Born in 1953, Xi is the son of one of the founders the Communist Party. He joined with the party in 1974, before becoming president in 2013.

During his tenure, China had good economic reforms, a fierce campaign against corruption, a resurgence of nationalism and a crackdown on human rights.

"The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party proposes to remove the expression that the President and Vice President of the People's Republic of China can not to serve more than twice the period of successive leadership of the country's Constitution," he reported.

The announcement was announced with caution, because many Chinese people return to work on Monday, February 26 2018 after celebrating the Lunar New Year.

China is also the main stage at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, as South Korea prepares to stage the Olympics to Beijing in 2022.

The top officials forming the party's central committee will meet today on Monday, February 26, 2018 in Beijing.

The proposal should be approved by the Chinese parliament, the National People's Congress, which begins its annual meeting on March 5, 2018 but most expect it to be just a formality.



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