The result of a survey revealed the young generation choose to sacrifice their love for careers


Illustration Illustration -  Many millennials have difficulty to balancing their career and romance life. But how if they are asked to choose one of them? And we got suprising answer. The young people aged from 19 until 33 years it turns out to prefer a career increase rather than maintain a relationship romance. Wow, they prefer to choose careers than their relationship.

This is revealed from a recent survey that conducted by Comet, a financial services company.

It's not surprising, that today there are many people choose to delaying their wedding only for work.

A number of questions were raised to 364 millennials that working but unmarried. The result surveys showing two from five young people will sever their relationship if it hinders a promotion in work. They also did not hesitate to postponed their marriage and have children to get a big promotion.

The young age was asked to mention the offer of salary that they want if they must sacrifice the relationship.

And averages of salary that they want is about USD 36 thousand to postpone a courtship, USD 64 thousand to postpone marriage, USD 67 thousand to postpone childbirth, and USD 37 thousand to sever their relationship with their partner.

The results of study seemed to show how high the ambition of the young age generation in work.

But the result is different when they were married. The young age generation are more willing to sacrifice their careers for their wives or husbands.

As many as 86% of participants will move if their partner got another work in another city, 79% want to move to another province, while 59% want to move the country.

The study also revealed the age when the young age generation want to get married. The answer was different. The young people in their late 20s, want to get married at age 33. While those who are aged 30's want to get married in the early 40s.




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