The peak time for a heterosexual couple to have sex from the hormone expert


Sex Sex -  The expert on hormones Alisa Vitti has declared, that peak time for the heterosexual couple to have sex is bang on 3pm in the afternoon - when men and women are in harmony with the hormones and desires of each other most of all.

Explaining the logic in her guide to the hormones "Female Code", Vitti describes 3 pm as the time when men have the highest level of estrogen in their bodies, which makes them "more emotionally present" during sex.

The author also suggests that 3:00 pm is the time when women have a high level of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness, meaning the female partner is at her most energetic.

While men are known to appreciate some morning action between the sheets.  Vitti explains that in the late afternoon, when the estrogen level in men rises, it makes them more responsive emotionally to a partner:

"Although this may not seem like a logical solution for satisfaction, given the previous endorsement in testosterone, the combination actually makes men more emotionally present during sex and better able to better focus on a woman's needs and satisfaction.

"You can understand why" after-dinner delight "is a thing."

Although the day is peak time, Vitti also understands that this is not always possible due to working days, so suggests trying to synchronize your libido in order to have a complementary experience.

She also adds that the best time of the month to have sex was during the ten days after ovulation, when "women experience a surge of estrogen and testosterone, which causes them a rapid and unrestrained desire."



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