Ksenia Sobchak, a Russian presidential candidate, has announced the creation of a new party


Ksenia Sobchak Ksenia Sobchak -  Ksenia Sobchak, a candidate for the presidency of Russia, announced the creation of a new party called the "Party of Changes". Sobchak is the daughter of Russian politician and former member of the Federation Council of Russia Lyudmila Narusova and Anatoly Sobchak, the late mayor of St. Petersburg, who is believed to have laid the foundation for Putin's political career.

The announcement was made during a pre-election rally in which several thousand supporters took part, at the Adrenalin stadium in the Russian capital, on Thursday evening.

Sobchak is one of seven candidates who participated in the March 18 vote against President Vladimir Putin, who is re-elected for a fourth term.

She announced that she was creating a party along with Dmitry Gudkov, an opposition former deputy and the son of a former KGB officer and Gennady Gudkov's policy.

"We want a normal life, we will not allow our future to be stolen. We are joining the Party of Change to make these changes justified, "she said to several thousand supporters.

During the campaign, she referred to the murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov as a friend and presented a short film with his participation, along with a dozen journalists and politicians who were killed in the 1990s.

Putin worked for about 10 years as an assistant and deputy.

Ksenia Sobchak, who was a reality TV show host before entering politics, has been perceived as being close to the Kremlin due to her family's personal connection to Putin.



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