Today, the hotspots in Riau Province is still not detected


Slamet Riyadi Slamet Riyadi - On Monday, March 26 2018, Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) noted that the hostspots in Riau Province  is still not detected. 


As submitted by Head of Section (Kasi) of BMKG Information Station Pekanbaru, Slamet Riyadi. "For hotspots in Riau is not detected, but hotspots on the island of Sumatra was donated by Aceh and North Sumatra each one point" he said on  Sunday, March 26 2018.


While the chance of rain during the day is occurs in some areas of Riau, with maximum air temperature can reach until 33 degrees Celsius. While at night, there was a chance of uneven heavy rain in Riau. "


"But, it can be accompanied by lightning and high winds in most areas of Riau" Slamet said. Then wind from east to southeast is about 9 to 27 km/ h with air humidity about 55 to 98 percent.





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