As many as 59 killed in a fire in Kemerovo


The fire in Kemerovo The fire in Kemerovo -  On the afternoon of Sunday, March 25 2018, in the center of Kemerovo the shopping center "Winter Cherry" caught fire. 

The alarm did not work, many shop attendees were blocked inside the premises. In the lists of missing persons - dozens of people, including dozens of children. Firefighters could penetrate all premises only 12 hours after the start of the fire.

Most of the victims were found in cinemas. They are located on the fourth, last floor, where the fire was located. Firefighters could get there only in the evening. 

In the building did not worked a fire alarm, so people learned about the fire only from the employees of the shopping center and other visitors. Eyewitnesses told on the air of "Russia 24" that at least one cinema hall (there were three of them altogether) was taken out by people.

The authorities transferred payments to families of 59 people who died in a fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo. This is reported by the press service of the Kemerovo region administration.

"In three days - from 28 to 30 March - families of 59 people who died in the fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" have already received payments, with the rest of people  the work continues. The total amount of payments to families is 5 million rubles for each dead," the report said. 

Earlier it was reported that Sergei Tsivilev suggested creating a children's technopark burnt down in the Kemerovo shopping center.


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