The British media were frightened by the new Russian aerial bomb


Drill Drill -  The new aerial bomb named Drill is a signal of aggression from the Kremlin, writes of Daily Express.

The public believed that the presentation of an air bomb increasing the fears about the possible start of the third world war.

It is noted that information about the "Drill" appeared almost immediately after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

According to journalists, Russia is responsible for interference in the US election in 2016, cyber attacks and the war in Syria. 

However, the publication calms readers by the fact that US President Donald Trump invited the head of the Russian state Vladimir Putin to visit the White House.

At the same time, in fact, for the first time, “Techmash” presented this development in 2015 at the “MAKS” aerospace show, and under the name "Drill" it became known at the forum "Army-2016".

Drill will replenish the arsenal of the Russian army in 2018.

The weight of the newest aerial bomb is about 540 kg, the length of the ammunition reaches three meters. It is assumed that the Drill will be discharged from high altitudes and from the stratosphere.

On the newest aerial bomb "Drill" it became known on March 31. It is planned that the fighter of the fifth generation Su-57 will carry the bomb, although it can be used from many types of aircraft. 

The bomb makes it possible to strike at targets in the enemy's air defense zone. One Drill is capable of stopping a shooting battery or a tank column. The tests of Drill should be completed in 2018.


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