Members of the Royal family were forbidden to eat oysters and drink water


The Royal family The Royal family -  A nutritionists compiled a list of prohibited foods for members of the British royal family during overseas trips to protect them from poisoning. This is reported by the source of Independent.

The first and the main group of forbidden food included all types of mollusks, the use of which in its raw form, according to experts of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is most dangerous due to the content of a harmful vibrio living in coastal waters.

The next product on the black list was raw meat and steaks of weak roasting, where microorganisms that are contra-indicated to humans are also preserved.

In addition, the royal family was forbidden to drink tap water, even if it is allowed in the host country.

In July 2017, British tourists were suspected of filing more than hundreds of false allegations of food poisoning, from which they allegedly suffered on the Spanish island of Mallorca. 

Vacationers wanted to receive cash compensation from hotels. But the Spanish police found out that certain British subjects are contacting in Mallorca with fellow compatriots there and suggesting that they file such allegations of poisoning in order to receive monetary compensation.


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