An ex-officer of the US Armed Forces killed a wife from Russia and committed suicide


Kinser and Leila Kinser and Leila -  A retired American officer who moved to Italy killed his Russian wife and committed suicide, how the Italian newspaper named Corriere del Veneto reports.

The couple were found dead in their house in the Italian commune Pozzo .

Bradley Joel Kinser, who was to turn 44 in July, and his wife Leila, whom journalists call a native of Russia, were formerly employees of the US military base in Vicenza.

According to the preliminary version, a man killed a sleeping wife, and a few minutes later he laid his hands on himself.

The publication reports that Kinser complained to the regimental chaplain for depression during the service.

He also repeatedly told the priest that he was depressed and admitted that sooner or later he would kill himself.

The American edition «Stars and Stripes» specifies that the priest warned the authorities when he found out that the couple did not answer the phone.

According to preliminary information, first he killed his wife Leila, a housewife with Russian roots, and then committed suicide. Before killing himself, he left a note asking for forgiveness, heart and letter U on the bedroom door.

Kinser previously served in Poland and Iraq, retired in 2015. His wife Leila, according to preliminary data, came from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The couple had no children, but there was a turtle named Masha, who had recently died.

The last post of a woman in Facebook is about this: "I no longer have Masha, I want to die."


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