During his speech, Trump threw a sheet, this is the reason


Trump Trump -   President of the United States,  Donald Trump threw out a paper with a prepared speech during a speech at a round table in West Virginia which dedicated to tax policy. 

The video was published on the YouTube channel named Live on-air News.

Previously, Trump catched the attention of users of social networks, who ridiculed the American president for how he was "clumsily" when drank water while speaking at the White House. 

Other users of social networks criticized the act of Trump, who left his wife and son in the rain.

On the YouTube channel, which posted the video, it is noted that during the round table, Trump talked about the tax reform and economic development of the United States.

Trump signed a law on reforming the tax system in late December 2017. So, under the new law, the profit tax from legal entities was reduced from 35 to 21%, as well as the profit tax from abroad from 35 to 15.5% for cash, for non-cash - up to 8%. 

In addition, Trump lowered the fees for seven groups of individuals, including for youth and large families. A number of taxpayers will also be exempt from the so-called minimum alternative tax. 

At the same time, most of the norms that apply to individuals will cease to be effective until after 2025.

Also, the president abolished the mandatory fine for those Americans who did not want to provide themselves with health insurance. These penalties were one of the key provisions of the reform of the former US leader Barack Obama, known as Obamacare. 

This is another Trump campaign promise made and a step towards the abolition of Obamacare as a whole.

Tax reform is one of Trump's key campaign promises. The law envisages easing the tax liabilities for various taxpayers, but first of all - for business, corporations and enterprises.

During his speech, Trump threw a sheet, this is the reason


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