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Indragiri Hilir

100 day passed, the resque team still has not found Bonita the tiger


Bonita appearences near human settlement Bonita appearences near human settlement

News24xx.com - Thursday, April 12th, 2018, 100 days already passed,  the resque team has not managed to catch the Sumatran tiger named "Bonita". The female tiger is known to have attacked to death two people in Pelangiran District, Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil).

When confirmed to the Public Relation Center of Natural Resource Conservation (BBKSDA) Dian Indriati justifies it. "Entering the 100 days of this search, Bonita rescue efforts are still done by rescuers" said Dian.

She conveys the capture of Bonita is not easy. Even BBKSDA Riau brought in a Canadian animal comunicator.

Dian explained, other efforts is rescue team installed a camera trap and trap box in a number of locations. Including shooters are also prepared.

"Camera traps and box traps are installed at some points, the Animal comunicator works to find traces and persuade Bonita the  Tiger to come out of her hiding" Dian explained.

As is known the mystical stories also color the search for this Sumatran tiger. This tiger always escaped the chase, as if it could disappear. Also when shot by anesthetics, Bonita could still wake up and ran away from the resque team.





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