Stop doing this, for acne not appearing on your face


Acne Acne - Acne appearences will certainly make our confidence level down, we will try every way to get rid of that acne.


So what is the cause of the acne?


Here we will explain the cause of the acne, which was cited from on April 16th, 2018.


• Hormone changes, as known acne is occuring when we start entering the teenage phase, where hormones begin to change and will have an impact with the appearance of acne.

• Side effects of cosmetic use, the use of powder that keeps sticking in our face, will close the pores of our facial skin to make the face dull and cause acne.

• Irritation, irritation to an object can also cause us to got acne

• Stress,

• Smoking

• Heredity, heredity can also cause acne.


Because basically acne arises due to the face that has excess oil and then many dead skin cells that clog pores and cause acne.


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