Tips on how to prevent acne


Prevent acne Prevent acne

The appearence of acne is something to be feared, especially for a woman who strongly attentive her appearance in public, especially to someone she liked.

As quoted from, Monday, April 16, 2018. We will provide information to you all how to prevent acne in advance.

1. Wash your face

Frequently do face washing at least twice a day, in the morning and evening when going to bed. It would be nice if before going to bed if you remove all makeup attached to your face, then wash your face before bed.

2. Clean your skin from dead skin

Living in Indonesia with a hot and humid climate often raises the number of dead skins. If it left be, these dead skin cells will cover the pores and cause acne. So often clean the dead skins attach on your face

3. Do not touch your face often

when we touch our faces, without us knowing ourselves trigger the occurrence of acne on our face, because when our hand touches our face, then all the bacteria in our hands will move to face and increase the risk of acne.

4. Do not eat junk food

Maintaining a diet is necessary for skin health. Because people who eat more often-oily food and fast food are more prone to acne than those who do not.

5. reduce the use of makeup

Wear makeup can also trigger acne because if we wear makeup then our pores will be covered by our makeup material and if not properly cleaned it will trigger acne

6. Control your stress

One of the causes of acne is stress, so if you want to avoid acne, it is advisable for you to control your stress

7. Exercise frequently

And often exercise, because physical activity makes our blood circulation more smoothly and the skin absorbs more oxygen to keep it healthy.


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