Balenciaga released latest product, it's similar with a plastic bag to dispose of the garbage


Balenciaga Balenciaga -  The latest fashion always comes up every day. And it makes, many fashion lovers were competing to get the latest product from their favorite designer.

As Balenciaga did recently. The French fashion brand has just released a unique green shirt. And the latest collection of Balenciaga makes netizens felt surprised.

Not about the model of shirt  that makes netizens felt surprised, but the material that used to make the green shirt, because its is made from plastic.

Balenciaga used 100 percent of polyethylene, which is commonly used for making plastics. Whereas in Indonesia, this plastic is generally used to wrap groceries. 

And it made netizens compared the shirt of Balenciaga with a plastic bag to dispose of the garbage.

This green shirt has an oversized piece and on the back it has Balenciaga writing in gold ink.

Even more surprising, Balenciaga plastic shirts priced about USD 755 or approximately IDR 10.4 million.

So, are you interested to buy it ?




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