Biggest cockroach in the world is in Indonesia not Madagascar


BIggest cockroach in East Borneo BIggest cockroach in East Borneo - When talking about the eastern part of Indonesia we would think that there is still a lot of forest that makes many endemic species from parts of eastern Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Papua, etc still exist.

Cited from, Monday, April 16th 2018. If counted there are approximately 82 species of butterflies that we can meet in the Wallacea region, of which 44 are native animals which are not found elsewhere.

One of the best is the largest bee in the world located in North Maluku, with the name Chalicodoma Pluto. Female bees of this type can reach a lenght of 4 cm or about the size of an adult human middle finger.

In addition to the largest bees in the world, there is also the largest cockroach in the world, if all this time we think that the biggest cockroaches are in Madagascar, but in Borneo there is a bigger cockroach than Madagascar cockroach with a size of 10 cm, which then crowned into the largest cockroach in the world which is a cave cockroach which found in Karst, Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat, East Borneo .


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