An aeroballis missile that made in China is able to reach the US


An aeroballis missile An aeroballis missile -  The Chinese missile forces in secret has tested an aeroballis missile. This was reported by The Diplomat, referring to sources in the US government.

As noted, the first test of the CH-AS-X-13 rocket was took place in December 2016. During the final test in early 2018, the missile was launched from the Soviet Tu-16, which has the possibility of refueling in the air.

Its combat radius about 6 thousand km. This shows the ability of missiles to reach the United States.

According to the Americans, the missiles will be ready for use by 2025.

On March 1 2018, Russian leader Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly said that he will present a new Russian arsenal, in particular the Sarmat and Dagger missile systems.

This Russian hypersonic missile was develops speeds, more than three kilometers per second. In addition, these missiles are almost impossible to track with radar. The missile is capable to destroying of control points and ship groups.

According to Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, the hypersonic missiles of this class can hit potential carriers, destroyers and potential enemy explorers.



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