Very surprising, many snake of python comes to a village in Boyolali


Residents in Boyolali Residents in Boyolali -  Within two weeks, seven pythons with various size were captured by the resident in Ledoksari Hamlet, Karanggeneng village, Boyolali town, Boyolali.

At this time, a large-sized python was captured on Sunday, April 15, 2018. The 2.5-meter-long snake was found in a small river in the center of the village.

Mardi, one of the local residents said as quoted from detik,com, "The snake was found around at 23:00 pm last night," he said.

The snake was captured after one resident highlighted the river using a flashlight. The snakes now placed inside the cage.

The head of Karanggeneng village admitted that he do not know why the snakes often appears in the village. Now, the residents in that village often done of devotional work, to clean the weeds on the banks of the river.

Other residents, Ponimin estimates that there are still pythons around the village, because about a year ago he had seen a larger snake. But he can not to catch the snake.




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