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Four unique behaviors of Russians in eyes of foreigners in the worldwide


Illustration Illustration - Every people has different behaviors. Some times, many habits that are commonly done in Indonesia, it would be very strange if done in a European country and vice versa.

But it turns out, Russians have a unique behavior in their daily lives. Here are four  unique behavior that you only can found in Russians.

1. Have a very good relationship with their colleagues
In Russia, a co-worker will be treated more than a colleague in the office, because sometimes they can be a good friend. In Russia, bringing food and drink or treats to celebrate birthdays, promotions at work, celebrating days off from leave, etc. are considered to be commonplace.

They invite each other to their homes for tea time, arranging meetings at work, outings on weekends, and making friends with each family.

"They are always generous with their friends," said Daniel Silva, an Italian who lived for several years in Moscow.

2. Talking about a person who has died
For most Russians, talking about a person who has died is not good, because they can not to defend their self.

A professor of philology from Moscow State University, Anna Egorova said, "We can not judge a deceased person. Their judge is only God! "

Many Russians believe in the ancient superstition and says that  a person who has died can rise again and take revenge for people who talking about them.


3. Loves with many fragrances
A Russians women like to dress up, use tight skirts, and wear clothes with a low collar model. They also really like the smell of perfume. Sometimes in the elevator, the fragrant of their perfume did not go away even up to an hour after she left from the elevator. So, can you imagine about that ?


4. Talk about salary issues
In Indonesia, discussing about salary and money is something that is considered taboo. Even,  some companies that will fire their employees, if they discuss about the amount of their salary with their co-workers.

But unlike in Russia. 

In Russia, the topic of money is a hot topic for discussion that is often discussed, not just with their close friends, but also with colleagues, neighbors, or even strangers.

Russians people often complain about the financial situation, such as a small salary or an increase in the price of goods, because they believe, it can add their fortune.

Often, many foreigners will difficult to understand about the unique behavior of Russians. And Russians loves to tell many stories with friends.

Well, if you have a Russian friend, do not hesitate to ask them for an opinion or ask them because this is common done in Russia.



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