The story of a rape victim in India, her lips had turned black and her genital was full of scratches and bites


Justice for Asifa Justice for Asifa - Asifa, an eight-year-old Muslim girl, was taken to a culvert in front of a temple where she had been kept and sedated until four days in Rasana village of Kathua district in Indian.

Sanji Ram, the man who managed the murder of the poor girl, said that the time to kill the girl must done. Then, he told to his juvenile nephew  that the ritual should performed.

The reason Asifa was picked as a target by Sanji Ram, because he knew that she often comes to the forest to take horses for grazing at the forest near her home in Rasana. And he wanted to drive the Muslim community out with the case of Asifa's murder.

But, before she was strangulated and her head hit twice with a stone to make sure that she was dead, Deepak Khajuria, a special police officer wanted to rape the girl before she was killed.

Rafeeza Bano, Asifa's 55-year-old mother, recalls the horror that she saw on her dead daughter's body. 

"There were scars on her cheeks. Her lips had turned black and her eyes had bulged out. It was a scary scene for a mother," she told as quoted to Jazeera at their camp in Udhampur.

"Her face was full of scratches and bites," Akhtar, the father of Asifa describing the marks of torment on Asifa. "I never knew they would do this to a child, her milk teeth were yet to fall out," he said.

Asifa's rape have forced an early migration of Bakarwals to mountainous pastures. The incident of Asifa made fear in their community. Because after the murder of Asifa, Akhtar said their family also faced threats in the aftermath of the incident.

"They said if our men are given the death sentence, we will kill you one by one. After Asifa's body was found, Hindu people came to us and threatened us," he said.

The investigation revealed that the rape and murder were systematic, preplanned and rooted in religious hatred harboured by Sanji Ram, a Hindu, against the Muslim nomadic community of Bakarwals.

In the second week of April, nearly three months since Asifa's body was found in the forested foothill, a group of Hindu lawyers attempted to block police investigators from entering a court premise where they had gone to file the charges against the accused.  And the family members of accused in the village have launched a hunger strike demanding that the investigations be done by the federal investigative agency.



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