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Raditya Dika taking picture in his house Raditya Dika taking picture in his house - Home is supposed to be the most comfortable place for us. That’s where we go back from work for rest after a tiring day. However, what if there are other “people” who live with us inside our own house. While they not always disturb us, their mere presence can make us shudder. Like what happens in the house of these following 5 celebrities:

1.       Raditya Dika

The luxurious house owned by influencer Raditya Dika in Kemang, South Jakarta, is revealed to be haunted. Recently, Radit often experiences strange things in his own house, like someone tapping on his window during the night, the sound of strange noise, to someone throwing stones into his yard.

2.      Sara Wijayanto

The wife of the renown magician Demian Aditya, Sara Wijayanto is known to have sixth sense and is no stranger to supernatural things. She is visited by ghosts often, even in her own house. For example, when she is resting with her husband, she hears many strange disturbing noises. While it does not happen every day, she is used to their presence.

3.      Giring Ganesha

While he is used to it now, Giring Ganesha, the vocalist of Indonesian band, Nidji, admits that he was afraid of what happened at his house at first. Giring and his family moved to their current house in 2012. At the start of their moving, he claimed that many “unseen people” tried to “get to know” him and his family members. There are a lot of strange noises happened during the night that makes it hard for him to fall asleep.

4.      Adele

Not only Indonesian celebrities, celebrities from outside the country also experience this. The famous singer Adele for example, who admitted that she lived in a house that is said to be haunted. Adele’s house is located in Sussex, London, and is quite old and classic. She heard loud noises during the night, even when no one else is in the house. Feeling frightened by it, she even paid her bodyguard IDR 1,6 billion to accompany her in her large house.

5.      Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams paid IDR 32 billion to buy a classical house. However, the expensive cost does not guarantee that she will be free from other “tenants”. It turns out, her house, which is located in Brooklyn, New York, has a lot of dark stories. One of them is the story of the ghost of Heath Ledger, Michelle’s late fiancé who died in 2008. She claimed that she saw someone who looked like Heath when she was woken up at 3 in the morning. He looked like he wanted to apologize to her for not being able to take care of their daughter, Matilda Ledger.


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