A student was beaten up by his friends on his birthday


Students beaten up by his friends Students beaten up by his friends - On our birthday, our friends usually will give a surprise to us. In Indonesia, sometimes the birthday boy/girl will be thrown with flour or eggs.

Among a group of students in Malaysia, it is different. They hit their friend’s body while singing “Happy Birthday”. Not only that, he was kicked and hit with brooms. They said it was a tradition in their school.

However, the school denied having such tradition. When the news about that started to spread, the school tried to contact the birthday boy, but he could not be reached.

The video recording the incident became viral in social media. In the video, you can see 8 students kicking and hitting their friend, who was said to be the birthday boy. The video lasted for 29 seconds. According Officer Baharudin Mat Taib from Shah Alam police, the student who was beaten up reported this incident to the police.

“The police are investigating this case,” Baharudin said. He said, the incident is assumed to happen on February. The police will cooperate with the school to find out the identities of the students in the video.


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