Katy Perry congratulated Abdul and Maria in the grand final of Indonesian Idol


Katy Perry Katy Perry - Abdul and Maria’s succession in reaching the final of Indonesian Idol did not intrigue only Indonesian people, but also international celebrity, Katy Perry. Through a short video which was shown during Indonesian Idol Grand Final 2018, Katy Perry congratulated both Abdul and Maria for reaching this far in the competition.

“I just want to say congratulations for making it to the top two spots of Indonesian Idol. That is a huge accomplishment and I’m sure you both will have incredible, and fabulous careers. I wish you the best of luck and an incredible time” Katy Perry said in the video, Monday night, April 16th 2018.

The grand finale of Indonesian Idol 2018 was special. It was opened differently, with Abdul and Maria collaborating with former Indonesian Idol singers, Ihsan Tarore, Nowela Regina, Rinni Wulandari and Citra Scholastika, singing Indonesian Idol songs. Ari Lasso also congratulate Abdul and Maria for their achievements at the start.

“After going at it since November, I think these two really worth to be in the grand final without playing down the other contestants” Ari Lasso said.

Other than solo performance, Abdul and Maria also performed special collaboration in Indonesian Idol Grand Final 2018. They took turns singing to the piano playing of Yovie Widianto.


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