Sarco, tool for the painless suicide


Sarco Sarco - Various technological tools are created as the advancement of the development. These tools are also created to facilitate the activities of human life. However, some time ago, has been created the most bizarre tools, called by the name of Sarco.

Dr. Philip Nitschke, nicknamed the Australian Death Doctor, created a tool designed to get a painless death. The device was officially announced by Nitschke's Exit International Foundation in February.

Sarco consists of two parts, namely the base of reusable machines and capsules as coffins. Phillip explained that Sarco allows users to die in style and filled with elegance. "Sarco makes it possible to die with elegance and style" said Philip

Sarco offers a painless death because Sarco will make the user faint first with liquid nitrogen to bring the oxygen level down to about 5 percent. After that, death will come.

The sarco usage procedure, the user passes the online test first before getting the Sarco capsule codes active for 24 hours. Once the code is received, the user only needs to press the suicide button. In addition, in the capsule, users will be pampered with views of mountains or oceans as their last sight.

Sarco plan will be made mass next year. For now, Philip is still in talks with several suicide clinics in Switzerland for getting a machine license.

However, many countries do not legalize suicide by using this tool. Rejection is also done by various parties. But, there are also some countries that legalize the action using this tool. And usually in using it, there are medical parties who accompany the suicide process.


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