Filipino worker forced to drink bleach by her employer in Saudi Arabia


Illustration Illustration - The tragic story happens to a Saudi housekeeper after allegedly forced to drink bleach by her employer. Domestic workers who are Filipino citizens are immediately taken to a nearby hospital.


The victim named Agnes Mancila had to undergo surgery after being taken to a hospital in the city of Jizan, on last April 2nd.


The Philippine Foreign Ministry official in Manila when asked for a statement, as quoted by AFP on April 17th 2018, said, "We are working intensively with the Saudi authorities to ensure Mancilla gets the justice"


Mancilla has been working in Saudi Arabia since 2016, and since then she has always been physically assaulted by her employer, and it is also reported by authorities at the Jizan that Mancilla's salary since she started work has never been paid by her employer.


Jizan authorities have arrested Mancilla's employer after receiving the news, the identity of her employer has not been published by the Jizan authorities.


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