This advocate questions legality of Abu Janda As chairman of cyber Indonesia


Abu Janda Abu Janda - Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Chairman of Cyber ??Indonesia Permadi Arya or better known as Abu Janda has officially reported Rocky Gerung to Metro Police. But it turns out the status of the Chairman of Cyber ??Indonesia who was dyed by Abu Janda raises question marks.

As Achmad Supyadi said through his twitter account @adv_supyadi: "Bismillah, as a concrete step, today, Monday, April 16th, 2018, I follow up by sending a confirmation and clarification letter regarding the legality of Cyber ??Indonesia headed by Permadi Arya"

Immediately this becomes viral and commented by many parties. @gulaligong: "Permadi talking about cyber, did you know what it means?? You only can update your status, dont confessed as chairman of Indonesia cyber"

@ tedset70: "@Permadiaktivis this is an example of people who does not understand the Islamic rules And violated it plus dumb, @permadiactivis. "

@ rochmanabdul43: "Salute for you sir ... may you be in the protection of Allah Swt ... aamiin."


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