500 geckos in Sweden drops into liquid nitrogen


Helmethead gecko Helmethead gecko - More than 500 geckos in the Swedish Zoo are dropped into liquid nitrogen because there is no maintenance cost. The animals had originally been rescued by the police, but due to their unclear origin, made it impossible to adopt.

The Swedish authorities found 760 lizards, 67 turtles, 18 snakes, 2 crocodiles, one water monitor lizard and 11 frogs had been locked up in an unattended shop in the town of Loberod last month. Without information about the origin of the animals, the authorities cannot give them to those who are interested in keep them. The animal can only be submitted to the institution.

After collecting all zoo managers in Europe, the Swedish Zoo, Kolmarden was chosen to be a temporary home for the rescued reptile. But the zoo is only able to accommodate 50 of a total of 550 helmethead geckos. Since there was no money to take care of 500 reptiles, the zoo decided to kill the reptile with liquid nitrogen.

The method is "working well and welcomes animal welfare in practice" said veterinarian Bengt Roken, who works at Kolmarden Zoo to local media.

"Hundreds of beautiful lizards were thrown away like garbage, but these errors are in the exotic pets trade, and those who catch animals for profit" said Director of the Vegetable Corporation Project of PETA animal lover organization Dawn Carr.

Carr also highlighted the method for killing the lizard that was considered vile. Citing a report on animal ethics from the University of Melbourne, Australia, said the animal should be anesthetized before it is inserted into nitrogen. However, he admitted that the Swedish zoo had little choice.



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