A Russian was detained with his wife and daughter for robbing in Pattaya


Perpetrators Perpetrators -  A Russian man was arrested with his wife and five-year-old daughter while trying to fly from Thailand. 

In his bag were found 600 thousand baht Thai (about USD 10 thousand), which allegedly stolen by him in the morning at one office of exchange money.

At that time, the office was experienced of a robbery incident.

The robbery was done on Saturday. The thief taking about 1 million baht (more than USD 31 thousand) from the checkout with a motorbike.

The police arrested the villain, after got his identity from a place for motorbike rental. The motorcycle was rent by a man from Russian Nikolai Rybalov, 32-year-old. 

On the same day, he was detained at Bangkok airport when he want to go to Russia with his wife and his daughter.

The Russian couple was first released, but after being arrested, as an accomplice of the alleged crime.

Vladimir Sosnov, head of the consular department: "In Thailand there is a long national holiday, so we have not received an official report from the police."

So far, the care for the girl has over by a embassy of Russia in Thailand and will send the daughter by plane to Novosibirsk, Russia.

That Russian man will be prosecuted under articles of the Thai Criminal Code of robbery with the physically harmful violence and his wife will accused of being an accomplice. While, the cashier got intensive care in hospital. 


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