China's social network, Weibo clean all their content from pornographic or gay scenes


The Internet users in China The Internet users in China -  China's social network, Weibo clean all their content with a large scale. This is related to the new cyber security rules that adopted in China.

According to new rules, any material that contained with pornographic or displays violent and gay scenes, will be removed from Weibo.

The change in the rules caused anger among many Internet users in China. Messages with the tag #I Gay was spread, which used about 170 thousand times. In the end, the social network administration blocked people who used that tag.

Initially, the anger of users can not change the decision to remove content in bulk, but then the main social network of the Sky Empire, which puts gay content with pornography and violence, gives up under public pressure.

Weibo abolished the ban on homosexual content in response to gay activist protests. Because, Weibo said that they would fight for "a harmonious environment" and remove publications related to pornography, violence and homosexuality.

The new rules on cyber security gives authorities the opportunity to put pressure on many companies that do not comply with their rules.

Homosexual relations were decriminalized in China in 1997.


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