Kokka bracelet or called #GelangKode said bought from the Holy Land mushroomed in Tanah Abang


Koke Bracelet Koke Bracelet - Crowdly speaking, hand bracelet or also called 'bracelet of code' which is sold in Tanah Abang Market. It is mentioned that the bracelets sold by these traders are souvenirs from the Holy Land.

One of the shops that sell is Shop of Umi Haikal in Block C Tanah Abang. In addition to selling dates and more, she sells kokka bracelets. "The price varies," said the shopkeeper named Aby, quoted from Detikcom.

Aby revealed that her shop sells seven kinds of kokka bracelets. The price varies, from IDR 25 thousand to IDR 35 thousand. According to him, many people who came to buy this bracelet, especially those who have just returned from the pilgrimage or umrah.

Two other stores are Sarwo Ono and Al-Nurani Shop. They sell this bracelet at a price of IDR 25 to IDR 35 thousand depending on the size and quality. In other stores around Blok C there are also some traders selling kokka bracelets. The price is almost similiar, but some are selling it for IDR 50 thousand per piece.

One shopkeeper, Adi Susilo, said usually people buy kokka bracelet in large quantities for souvenirs after the pilgrimage or umrah.

The bracelet is in the spotlight after the first disclosed by Mustafa '@ NetizenTofa' Nahrawardaya on a private television station. Mostopha mentioned that the bracelets they wore have similarities, which are brown and grain-shaped. Since then, netizens upload the photos of figures derived from the supporting party Jokowi wearing a similar bracelet.

Attorney of Susi Ferawati, Muannas Alaidid, had previously given an explanation. He said the dark brown grain-shaped bracelet was bought in Medina. He also confirmed the bracelet was not related to the activities in the CFD.

"So if the bracelet was a sign of her panic, when I asked Mrs. Fera, she bought it an umrah bracelet store in Medina, secondly she did not know each other with Mr Stedi or the victim who was persecuted in the CFD" said Muannas when contacted, Thursday, May 3rd 2018.

"As warmly discussed in the media about this bracelet which is matched with the others, let alone that, it just the assumption of Mostopha alone, but to make a case become light is law enforcement duty" he said


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