Socialize payment system using Electronic Data Capture machine, BI held a fun walk


Fun Walk held by BI Fun Walk held by BI - Bank Indonesia (BI) sees the inefficiency of the payment system and its management in the community. So with that BI held the Electronic Data Capture machine socialization mentioned with the National Payment Gate (GPN) on Friday, May 11th 2018 morning at the frontyard of Bank Indonesia Representative in Riau Building.

Head of KPW BI Riau Siti Astiyah said, "So far, fragmentation has occurred in the payment system, which is caused by the desire of every bank to develop an exclusive payment system, which can only be processed using its own Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine."

"There is a lot of misuse and inefficiency in the management of public payment systems, and the people nowadays are using different payment cards from different banks in their wallets, while banks have to provide EDCs who can read their debit cards for every cashier in the store" she explained.

"Therefore, the socialization of GPN is very important that we should do, since initiated 20 years ago, starting from the blueprint in 1995 to 1996. Now we have officially and can start implementing the system" he said.

"For example, the debit card holders of Bank A shop in certain stores, they can use their cards on any EDC machine and are not required to use EDC A bank output" he explained.

"Later cardholders will be introduced with ATM/debit cards with national logos used for domestic transactions and acceptable at all merchant shipping sites" she said.

The application of the national logo is the identity of national sovereignty in the field of retail payment systems. With the use of the logo, ATM/debit cards can be accepted and used more widely by the public without distinguishing the existence of payment instruments using international logos.


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