The story of five sadistic killers that may give you nightmares


Junko Furuta  Junko Furuta - Some people may thinking that there are some things worse than death. One of them is the victims of torture killers. They really want to death for their torture, but they can't.

Many of the victims begged for death, and that alone should tell you how bad some of these tortures were. 

Many of these sadistic killers are in fact serial killers, so they tortured and killed more than once. 

And here are sadistic killers in the world that you must know :


1. David Parker Ray

In 1999, Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo escaped a small motor home, running naked into the desert after success ran from home of her boyfriend, David Parker Ray. 

She then called police and police followed her directions back to the trailer, where they found a horrifying dungeon built specifically for torturing many women.

At that place, Ray would pick up many women, sometimes only young girls, and then rape and torture them systematically for weeks and months, with his friends too. 

It is suspected that he tortured as many as 60 women over a 40-year span. After that, Ray became known as the Toy Box Killer. 



2. The killer of Junko Furuta 

In 1988, Junko Furuta began walking home from school, but she never arrived at her home. 

She was abducted by a group of older teenagers, who confined her in one of their homes, even with the knowledge of the boy's parents. For a month and a half, the worst torture imaginable was occured.

The boys raped her at least 400 times in total, fed her cockroaches and urine, set off fireworks in her ears, mouth, and vagina, and beat her constantly.

Not only that, they would drop heavy objects on her, burn her with cigarettes, and even broke her bones. They would also force her to call her parents to say she was okay, so that they would not be caught. 

Eventually, she begged the boys to kill her, and they mutilated her to death.

The boys responsible were arrested, but one killer named Kamisaku, has since been released, because he was a minor at the time of his arrest.


3. Albert Fish

Albert Fish began torturing people around 1910, starting with a young man named Thomas Kedden. Fish lured the 19-year-old into a barn and then tortured him for two full weeks before at last tying him up and cutting off half his penis. 

Fish would also select mentally handicapped or African-American children and kidnap them. He would torture them with meat cleavers and hand saws, prolonging their deaths, and even consuming parts of their flesh. 

Fish also began to torture himself as well, inserting needles into his abdomen and penis. Then, he claimed that God was telling him to kill the children in this terrible way, and he was eventually executed in 1936.

No one is sure exactly how many children he killed.


4. John Bunting

John Bunting committed a series of grisly murders that are often called the "bodies-in-barrels murders." 

In the '90s, in South Australia, Bunting with Robert Wagner dan James Vlassakis killed at least eleven people, then put their bodies in plastic barrels for disposal. 

Then, police of Australia discovered the bodies, and the trio were arrested.

But the reason these murders are really so terrifying is the fact that Bunting liked to torture his victims first. He would use an electric shock machine to electrocute his victims' genitals, then try to get them to confess to horrible crimes like pedophilia. He would torture victims with pliers, hammers, and thumb cuffs, and would burn and mutilate their flesh. In one case, he even cooked and ate part of a victim.


5.  Elizabeth Bathory 

Elizabeth Bathory is the most prolific female murderer of all time. She lived from 1560 to 1614 and killing for much of her life. 

She killed over 650 people and torturing many of them in horrifying ways. Bathory would strip her servants naked, then force them to stand in the cold until they froze to death. 

And some people say she would drain the blood from living victims and then bathe in it. She would jam pins and needles under the finger nails of her victims, smear them with honey and then leave them to be attacked by bees and ants. 

She had a torture chamber built just to serve her dark and blood-thirsty desires. She would even bite chunks out of girls she kidnapped or bathe in their blood, in order to keep herself young.

In the end, Bathory was confined in a single room for the three years, before she died.





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