Police officer who was held hostage by prisoners in brigade corps headquarters had to undergo trauma treatment


Iwan Sarjana Iwan Sarjana - Head of human resources division of police department, Setyo Wasisto said that one of their members, Iwan Sarjana, who had been held hostage by the prisoners in Brigade Corps Headquarters (Mako Brimob) Kelapa Dua Depok, had to undergo dome treatment after he was released.

“Iwan Sarjana is still being treated in Police Hospital Kramat Jati. There are some injuries that needed treatment,” Setyo said, Friday, May 11th 2018.

Setyo added that Iwan also needed to be helped psychologically to heal his trauma after being held hostage by terrorism prisoners. “Counseling to heal trauma problem is needed as well,” he said.

Iwan Sarjana was freed alive from Mako Brimob Jail Kelapa Dua, on Thursday, May 10th 2018. Before this, he was captured and held hostage by terrorist prisoners that were able to take control of the jail. He was released later on with wounds and bruises around his face and all over his body. After he was released, Iwan was brought to Kramat Jati hospital right away to be treated.

A riot happened in the jail of Mako Brimob that was controlled by the prisoners since Tuesday, May 8th 2018. During the riot, dome prisoners were fighting over some confiscated weapons in the police station. The prisoners were able to take control of the station until they were defeated and gave up.


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