The stories about three sadistic killer in the world, fried the genitalia of her husband and used blood as cakes


The head of Omaima Aree Nelson husband The head of Omaima Aree Nelson husband -  Being a killer is the most hated thing in the world. Because the crime that they committed has made other humans to lose their chance to live in the world.

Some people killed without regret, and some people do it for fun.

Meanwhile, others people killed because they have a mental disorder problem. Here are three famous female killers in the world

1. Leonarda Cianciulli
An Italian woman, Leonarda Cianciulli was a superstitious mother of four.

Cianciulli obtained the nickname as Soap-Maker of Correggio, for killing three women and using their remains to make cakes and soap. Between 1939 and 1940, Cianciulli drugged three female shop visitors and killed them using an axe. She then boiled their bodies in a pot filled. 

Cianciulli scooped the coagulated blood off the basin and cooked it in the oven. She mixed the blood with some flour, chocolate, milk, eggs, margarine, and sugar to make cakes. Then, Cianciulli  ate that cakes and gave it to her son. And several shop visitors ate the crunchy desserts.

The court sentenced Cianciulli to 30 years in prison and an additional three years in an asylum.


2. Omaima Aree Nelson
In October 1991, Omaima Aree Nelson stabbed her husband, William E. Nelson. The 24-year-old just married one month with Nelson.

And after stabbed her husband, Omaima bashed his head with an iron inside their home in California. 

With a big scissor, Omaima chopped off her husband’s head and hands and peeled his skin off from torso and lower body.

Then, she fried his hands were fried vegetable oil. Omaima admitted to cooking her husband’s ribs in barbecue sauce. She feasted on his ribs while wearing a red dress, hat, high heels, and lipstick. Approximately 80 pounds of his flesh, including his genitalia, have never been found.

Police would later discover the husband’s cooked head stored inside a blue plastic container as well.


3. Lyudmila Spesivtsev 
Lyudmila Spesivtsev and Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev was two killer from Russian. Lyudmila was the mother of Alexander.

They was responsible for killing as many as 80 people that beginning in 1991. At that time, they were targeting young females and street kids within the Novokuznetsk area. 

The pair lured victims into their apartment, then took turns torturing and killing them. Both Lyudmila and Alexander would eat their victims.  And Lyudmila who was responsible for disposing of the bodies to the Aba River.

Mother and son were arrested in October 1996.




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