Tips for get better from sickness besides taking medicine


Illustration Illustration - These days, the weather is very extreme and changing rapidly. Due to this, there are many people who easily get sick. People usually take medicine when they are sick. But when there is no medicine, there are some tips you should try to at least get better.

1.       Sleeping all day

When you are sick, you better sleep. When you sleep, you body will produce white blood cells that can fix your immune system. That way, it can fight off virus and bacteria inside the body.

2.       Eat foods that give energy

Eat foods that are healthy and can give you energy. If you can, make sure to eat warm foods, like chicken soup, warm milk or hot tea. Sick people usually lose their appetite because every food will taste bland. However, you have to force yourself to eat no matter what because in order to be healthy, you need energy.

3.       Take a hot bath or shower

When you are sick, it is good to be sweating because sweating will release all the toxics inside our body. Because you cannot exercise when you are sick, then the best way to do it is taking a hot bath or shower. Other than making you sweat, taking a hot bath or shower can help make your blood circulate better inside your body. However, do not use water that is too hot.


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