Garuda Airlines will lower the cost for domestic flight during fasting month


Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia - Fasting month will be very hard on airlines. The airlines usually lower their ticket cost for domestic flight during Ramadan month. It will soar when Eid al-Fitr, or as we call it Lebaran, is about to come and people prepare themselves to go back to their hometown. In this Ramadan month, Garuda Airlines will lower their ticket cost for domestic flight.

Financial Director and Risk Management of Garuda Indonesia, Helmi Imam Satriyono said that people tend to buy tickets for international flight to Saudi Arabia during fasting month. “Undergoing Umrah during Ramadan month while fasting there is the one that is sought after the most by people,” he said on Monday, May 14th 2018.

However, according to Helmi, people rarely book for domestic flights during Ramadan. Therefore, it is reasonable to lower the ticket cost. “I thought other airlines are doing the same thing,” he said.

As Lebaran comes and many people start to prepare for going back to their hometown, it will become a high season for aviation industry. Bookings for domestic flight will increase as the ticket cost rises as well.


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