These are how to teach your kid to do fasting


Illustration Illustration - Children, who have not reached akil baligh or maturity, is not required to fast during Ramadhan month. However, it is good to teach them early about fasting. If the children have the desire to fast along with their parents, then parent have to support that desire.

Fasting for children is not very easy the first time. Their eating patterns and their habit of eating snacks can make it harder for them to bear the hunger and thirst until it is time to end the fast. There are tips in teaching your children how to fast.

1.       Give example

Children learn from adults by imitating them. They will watch how you fast and imitate it. So you have to give them the best example to encourage them to keep fasting.

2.       Do not force them

Do not force your children to fast when they do not want to. If they want to, do not force them to fast the whole day for their first time. Let them do it step by step, so they will not be shocked physically and mentally. For example, for the first 10 days, let them fast until noon. The next 10 days, encourage them to fast until afternoon. Then at the last 30 days, you make them fast until dusk. However, do it only when they are physically fit and healthy.

3.       Keep checking their health condition

Keep checking their health condition. If they are not feeling well, you better ask them to end their fast immediately. If your children have a history of certain disease, you better consult the doctors first before training them in fasting.

4.       Serve the right food

Give them the right food that can make them maintain their energy during the day.

5.       Do fun activities

To distract them from their hunger and thirst, you can invite them to do some fun activities. For example, cooking food together to end fasting, or take them to play somewhere before the time to end the fast.

6.       Give appreciation for every achievement

Give them appreciation for every achievement. For example, when they manage to fast longer than they did the day before. Appreciation is a way to grow positive behavior in children. You can encourage them with nice words or even give them a reward.


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