ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Pekanbaru through a statement


The victim, a police officer named Mr. Auzar The victim, a police officer named Mr. Auzar -  After a group of men armed with samurai swords targeted a police station in Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau Province, Indonesia on Wednesday, May 16 2018, the condition of Pekanbaru still horrying. 

The attack follows a series of deadly suicide bombings that have hit the country in the recent days, because on Sunday, May 13 2018, three churchs was hit by bomb attack in Surabaya, East Java.

At that time, the assailants drove a car type Avanza, into the gate of police headquarters in the city of Pekanbaru on the Sumatra Island to stage the attack. Four of the assailants were shot dead at the scene. 

A fifth tried to escape, running the vehicle over a police officer named Auzar, who died, and injuring two police officers. 

“The one who escaped has been captured and secured at Pekanbaru police station,” a spokesperson told the media.

And ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement in published on the group's Amaq news agency without offering evidence of the claim, as quoted from Reuters.

It is unclear whether the latest attack is linked to the deadly suicide bombing against police headquarters in Indonesia's second city of Surabaya on Monday or the suicide attacks at three of the city's churches on Sunday. 

As the world's largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia has recently seen a rise in attacks inspired by Islamic fundamentalists who seek to gain ground in Southeast Asia as they lose territory in the Middle East.

ISIS-inspired attacks first struck Indonesia in 2016, when a suicide bombing near a Starbucks in Jakarta left two people dead and 24 wounded.




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