The danger of drinking tea after eating


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In many restaurants in Indonesia, after eating, people usually drink ice tea because it is cool and fresh. However, you should stop this habit of drinking ice or hot tea after eating. It is best if you just drink water.

“The phytate content inside tea can disrupt the absorption of mineral, calcium and iron. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink tea after eating,” said pediatrician Yoga Devaira during the seminar titled “Adolescence’s Health and Nutrition for High, Smart and Accomplished Generation” in Health Ministry, in Jakarta.

If you drink tea after eating, the nutrition that is consumed will only pass through the digestion system without being absorbed. It is very unfortunate as many nutritional contents like calcium and iron are needed for the body, especially for children and adolescents.

“When we eat spinach we thought the iron contained inside it will be absorbed by the body. However, because we drink tea after eating, the iron will just pass and is not absorbed into the body,” she said.

If you really want to drink tea, Yoga suggested for us to drink it 2 hours after eating because by that time, the food has already been processed. “And remember, you should drink tea without sugar to get the benefits of the tea,” she added.


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