This is how to get the maximum benefit of green tea


Illustration Illustration - Green tea has a lot of benefit for out health. One of its benefits is to decrease our weight. This is because green tea contains catechin and polyphenols which is known to raiseinsulin sensitivity and the use of fatty acid, which can decrease carbohydrate absorption. The caffeine in green tea can also cause induction of thermogenesis which is good for fat oxidation.

How can you get the maximum benefit from green tea? By processing it the right way.

It is suggested for you to pour the tea with boiling water. The ideal temperature is 80 degree Celsius. After that, wait until the essence of the tea leaves go out. Then you can drink it.

After the tea is ready, do not add sugar in it. Sugar can reduce the benefits inside the green tea.

If you heard that the best time to drink green tea is in the morning when our stomach is empty, then you are wrong. Drinking it with empty stomach can affect your body’s balance due to its alkali property. You cannot drink right away after eating either. The best time to eat it is 40 to 50 minutes after eating. You can also drink it before exercising to maximize the fat burning.

To make it safe, you better not drink green tea more than 3 cups a day. If you drink too much, it will cause toxication instead.


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