Saji Cheriyan, a Christian who build a mosque for his workers


Saji Cheriyan Saji Cheriyan - This man is not a Muslim but he understands the importance of prayer. He built a large mosque for his employees to make them easier to pray. This is the story.

Saji Cheriyan from India tried his luck by moving to the United Arab Emirates in 2003. At that time he had only a few hundred of dirham in his pocket. Thanks to his hard work, after 15 years now Cheriyan can have a lot of money and give it some for others. He also became headline news when awarding a large mosque for his workers in this Ramadan.

The white mosque cost him AED 1.3 million stands majestically in the complex of East Ville of Real Estate, Al Hayl Industrial Area, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. The mosque can accommodate more than 500 worshipers.

There is a noble reason behind the establishment of the mosque by Cheriyan. Men from Kayamkulam, Kerala, India was moved to build a mosque after seeing the workers in the residential complex had to take a taxi to go to the nearest mosque.

"They have to spend at least AED 20 to the city of Fujairah or other industrial areas for Friday prayers, so I think if I build a mosque close to where they work, they will get better" he told Gulf News.

The mosque that was built by Cheriyan since last year was ready to use on this Ramadan. According to him, he is assisted by the local government of Awqaf in Fujairah. "The government of Awqaf was shocked but also glad when they know, I am as a Christian build a mosque and they offered help for free electricity, water and other facilities" said the 49-year-old man. But he refused all of that.

"When the rumour of building the mosque was spread, many people offered cash assistance, building materials like sand, but I refused it, because I wanted to build this mosque with my own money" said the man who owns a company worth of AED 68 million or about IDR 260 billion.


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