Meghan Markle is the descendant of Jack the Ripper?


Meghan Markle Meghan Markle - The origins of Meghan Markle are very surprising. Through a documentary that aired on Channel 4, it was revealed that Meghan Markle still has a relationship with serial killer.

From her lineage, Meghan Markle is a descendant of the most ruthless serial killer of the 18th century. It is Jack the Ripper, the assassin who roamed London in the Victorian era.

Through a study with the FBI and the CIA, Meghan Markle was a descendant of Herman Webster Mudgett in 1896, the first American sadistic killer. It is rarely known, Herman Webster Mudgett and Jack the Ripper are the same person.

Lawyer Jeff Mudgett, who is a source in the documentary, believes in the genealogical link between Meghan Markle and the sadistic killer. Jeff is also a descendant of Herman Webster."I do not think Queen Elizabeth knows I'm not proud Herman Webster Mudgett is my ancestor, so is Meghan" Jeff said.

Herman Webster has killed over 200 people. He killed in a cruel way. He was an impostor. While on trial, he confessed killing nine people. In fact hundreds of people have died in his hands.

He was known traveled to London, England in late 1880. At that time he killed many women, many of whom are sex workers. Most of the victims killed lost their organs.


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