Experiencing a decrease on its sales, Apple started a new business in advertising


Apple Apple - Apple will begin to start on a new business domain, which is advertising. And this will be a big business strategy change for the origin company from Cupertino, United States.

The reason, until now Apple still makes sales of its hardware like iPhone, iPad, and others as priority income. But the decrease in global mobile phone sales, trigger Apple to change their strategy.

Mobile consumers are now using their expensive phones for a longer time span than before. Which makes the income of high-end mobile phone companies such as Apple will decrease their income.

That's why Apple is rumored to meet with companies like Snap, Pinterest and others who are interested in advertising on Apple's ad network. The ads will be distributed through a number of their apps on iOS.

Apple itself has actually started to sell its advertising services on the App Store, which in the financial statements of last year recorded the revenue of USD 1 billion, as quoted from The Verge, Sunday, June 3rd.

But to note here is the pride of Apple who claimed would never use the data users to seek profit. That is seeing how Apple boosts its advertising business without the need to take advantage of user data, as done by Google and Facebook.


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