The catastrophic consequences of alcohol and tobacco use have become known


alcohol production alcohol production - An international team of researchers found that in 2015, the use of tobacco and alcohol
caused more diseases and incidents of disability and premature death than other addictive
substances. According to scientists, they contributed to the loss of more than a quarter of
a billion years of healthy life among the entire population of the world. This is reported in a
press release on “EurekAlert!».
Scientists have conducted a number of studies and found that people in Central, Eastern
and Western Europe drink the most alcohol throughout the world (11.61, 11.98 and 11.09
liters per month per capita), while they abuse 50.5, 48.2 and 40.2 percent of drinkers. In
the same regions, there is a high level of consumption of tobacco products. It is estimated
that more than 15 percent of the adult population on Earth are smokers, and one in five is
drunk at least once a month.
It turned out that the indicator DALY, taking into account the years of life, adjusted for
incapacity for work (lost due to disability or premature death), for smokers is 170.9 million,
and for alcohol-drinking - 85 million. Illegal narcotic substances contributed to the loss of
28 million years of life. The total death rate from smoking is 110 per 100 thousand people,
and from alcohol - 33 per 100 thousand people. The highest mortality rates from bad
habits are observed in Eastern Europe.


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